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San Diego

"Hello Mr. Van Damme, I would like to nominate my boyfriend, Jason (who doesn't not know I'm doing this) as your biggest fan ever!

At the young age of seven, he saw your movies and was inspired. From there, he dedicated his journey to the mind, body and spirit of martial arts. Before being adopted, he was living in the streets looking up to you. You gave him strength and were a light in his journey as he seeked refuge in the discipline of martial arts and in your movies.

At 33 now, he is still very much enjoying all your movies. I've watched a few movies with him and I truly enjoy them. I want to thank you for helping him cope with the missing fatherly figure in his life. Through your movies you became that leadership and fatherly brotherhood he never had. He's always wanted to meet you but every opportunity is a hit and miss as he is living in San Diego.

There's nothing in this world that would bring tears of happiness in his life than to meet you! Thank you so much for your time and I hope he can meet you in the near future.

From his loving girlfriend Karina and on behalf of Jason, thank you.

Send in your details with a picture and short message to JCVD (under 100 words) with a chance to be the MARCH fan of the month! Please send your entries to

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The top 3 posters voted for by you have a signed poster on its way to them!

1 - Luis Sorrentino
2 - Oskar Ankarudd
3 - Thang Nguyen

Thankyou, JCVD

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Q1: If you hadn't become an actor, what you like to of been in your career?

JC: I would like to be a mediator. Someone who brings people together in a conflict and makes peace.

Q2: Would you like to direct anymore movies in the future?

JC: I was approached to direct some, but I have a line-up of movies coming out, which are soon to be announced. Maybe I will direct one of those?

Q3: What advice can you give to someone who wants to start acting?

JC: Make your dream a reality and never give up until your dream is achieved. 

Q4: If you could ask the president one question, what would it be?

I know you are very busy and have lots to do, but I hope you will take the time to watch JCVJ on Amazon from December 15th.

Q5: How did you find the experience of making JCVJ over the process of making movies?

JC: The Experience was very different as I split myself over many characters and gave my all to each of them. When I was finished I was very tired mentally.