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‘VAN DAMNED’ is an intriguing look at one of the world’s most famous action stars, JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME, as you’ve never seen him before.  It is a hypnotic tale about Jean-Claude (JC) and his journey towards redemption and salvation. 

  JC is living the life; he is famous, rich, has a beautiful wife and daughter but on the flip side, he is morally bankrupt and living a secret life of deception that is tearing his soul apart.   

  ‘VAN DAMNED’ is a lurid story in which JC is finally called out for his deviant ways and must be held accountable for his actions in the search of redemption and a new and better life.  Each character he meets is more frightening than the previous and they all know the truth about his ways.  JC’s charm does not work on anyone in this world. 

  It is as if he is skirting along the atmosphere between Purgatory and Dante’s 6th level of hell and JC is terrified for what he has to answer for along the way. 

  The story is filled with exotic and dangerous locations and characters who each want of piece of JC, while some literally crave a pound of his flesh in order for him to answer for what he has done during the missteps in his life. 

  Will JC finally find salvation at the end of his journey and reunite with his wife and daughter, not even JC knows for sure if this is even possible in the world of ‘VAN DAMNED.’